The Royal Commission Report and Findings – what does it all mean for us?

The long awaited Royal Commission enquiry into bank conduct has now ended, and results were delivered to Parliament on Feb 4th 2019. Big shake ups and changes are on the way, and the consumer will hopefully be the end beneficiary of this year long enquiry, that sees 76 recommendations in total delivered. So what are […]

A snapshot into commercial property loans – things to consider

With the average commercial loan in Australian being over $1,000,000 (source: Real Commercial), Commercial Property Loans come with their own set of rules and are vastly different to regular home loans. Small business owners and their cash flows are held into a higher account as the current up front cash rate required is higher than […]

Open Plan Offices vs Closed Plan Offices

Office design; open or closed layout? This is as individual to the business needs as it is to the individuals working there. There are many factors to consider when making this decision. In early 2005, shared work spaces became a trend that has catapulted into the stratosphere; hubs are being set up all across the […]

The Sun Rises Over The South East

Bunnings Distribution Centre, Ego Pharmaceutical, and Amazon along with Kaufland, another German grocery chain, have all made major swaps and chess moves, to set up into Melbourne’s South East, riding on the new wave of demand for bigger warehousing and distribution. Melbourne’s Industrial industry is on the up with a number of new purpose built […]

The Benefits of Using A Property Manager

Commercial property management may seem easy and straight forward: receive a bill, forward to the tenant for payment.  Sounds to good to be true… because it is. Similar to residential property, it’s well worth engaging a professional to manage the on goings between yourself and your tenant. The benefits of using a commercial property manager […]

Why You Should Consider Investing In Commercial Property

When buying investment properties, most people tend to think about homes and apartments. But have you considered commercial property? It gets overlooked and it shouldn’t. There are plenty of perks to investing in commercial and we’ve put some of them together.   1.    Most commercial properties have longer lease terms than residential Your average […]

Top Tips For A Smooth Office Relocation

Keep your team in the loop Any form of planning and organization goes out the window if your team doesn’t even know what’s going on. Everyone being on the same page is key. Send out emails, have some meetings about it. Keep everyone updated, and that doesn’t just apply to employees. Stakeholders, clients and vendors […]


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