1. Keep your team in the loop

Any form of planning and organization goes out the window if your team doesn’t even know what’s going on. Everyone being on the same page is key. Send out emails, have some meetings about it. Keep everyone updated, and that doesn’t just apply to employees. Stakeholders, clients and vendors need to be aware of the move too.

  1. Assign people jobs

If you’ve got someone in charge of each specific job, like managing the removalists, or making sure everyone has packed up their desk correctly, there will be a lot less confusion and a lot more action.

  1. Get a floor plan sorted

Compiling this means you’ll know in advance exactly where everything needs to go, down to individual desks. You can then pass it on to the removalists to avoid having things put where they shouldn’t be, and then needing it all moved again.

  1. Work with IT

A common issue with making a big move is that you’ll find getting your IT systems up and running (computers, internet, printers and phones) the way they should be can take far longer than it needs to. Imagine settling in and realising that your power needs aren’t met so not everyone can be using computers. Planning with your IT team means that this added stress will be avoided.

  1. Number everything

When your floor plan is sorted, you’ll know the area that each piece of furniture will be moved to. Assign numbers to each of those areas- for instance furniture going into the Marketing section will have numbers starting with 1, Finance will be 2, etc. Desk numbers should also match box numbers so every employee will have their belongings ready to go.

  1. Budget

Moving is not a cheap process but if you stay on top of costs from the get go you’ll avoid that stomach dropping feeling when you get a final invoice after the fact that has one too many zeros. Importantly, be sure to keep records and receipts of all your associated costs for your accountant. Hello tax deductions!

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